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Who We Are

Mukuba Holdings (U)Ltd is a waste Management Company Incorporated in 2017. It is duly accredited by KCCA, NDA and lincensed by National Environmental Authority (NEMA) to transport hazardous wastes from all over the Country to different disposal Centres.

The company has a professional workforce with the required equipments such as trucks, protective gear, to effectively handle the wastes. In addition to those refresher training courses that are regulary conducted about Health, safety and Environment(HSE) Mukuba Holdings has previously worked for SiniHydro(Karuma Hydro Power project) and AUROMEERA industries in Jinja.

Our Values


We strive to ensure complete safety of our employees, our customers and the general public in all of our operations. Protection from accidents or injuries is paramount in all we do.


We define integrity as "saying what you will do and then doing it." We keep our promises to our employees and our stakeholders. Do the right thing, at the right reason.

Customer Service

We provide our customers with the best possible services in our courteous effective manner, showing respect for those we are fortunate to serve.

More About us

Honouring our commitments, provide our stakeholders peace of mind and establish us as the best waste management company in the markets we serve. This creates a safe and rewarding environment for our employees while protecting the health and welfare of the communities we serve, thereby increasing value for our shareholders.

Our goal is to create an environment where self directed, empowered employees strive to consistently fulfill our constituent commitments and seek to create positive impacts through interactions with customers, communities and fellow employees, always relying on our Core Values as the foundation for our existence.

The strategic intent of Mukuba Holdings Ltd is to provide efficient and effective waste management services for sustainable hygiene, safety and reducing health and environmental impacts in our operations.
We are commited to consistently comply with applicable legal requirements and ISO Standards.


This is what we do for you

Mukumba Holdings has handled various quantities of chemical wastes since it was incorporated.
Chemical waste grouped under hazardous substance that are toxic, poisonous, reactive, flammable carcinogenic. They exist in all states of matter, ie; solid, liquid, acquires and gaseous that are harmful to human and aquatic life.

We provide proffessionl handling of pharmaceutical products from various from various sources which may include pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, clinics, hospitals, etc.
With our experience, professional workers and resources we provide the best medical waste services in the country. We are involved in all stages of medical waste chain from the point of generation, collection, treatment as well as final disposal of medical and biohazard waste. We further provide waste handling equipment and tools to ensure infection control during our processes hence protecting the environment

Being a common practice many companies retain large sums of confidential documents, and it is up to them to carry out their disposal. Once retention requirements have been met we provide you with secure handling of your confidential documents through proper protection from public exposure and reviews. We ensure maximum security during record destruction and ensure that evidence is availed to clients

We have established a trusted connection with various recycling plants which has ensured that all forms of hazardous waste of paper, wood, glass, metals, and biodegradable waste etc… from residential, commercial and industries etc… is securely transported to various recycling and composite facilities around the country. Our clients’ and employees’ safety who collect this waste is our priority and to ensure this, we provide biodegradable bags and appropriate equipment for proper waste sorting as well as creating awareness about its various reusability to the clients

Through our partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), we provide municipal waste handling services to help clean the city and protect health of urban dwellers. Our municipal waste handling services range from households, commercial centers, schools, markets, road sweeping and construction centers etc... We collect, sort, transport and dispose municipal waste to designated areas or treatment sites ensuring high quality and standard service to our clients and the general public

We provide professional services on the removal and disposal of Asbestos in different regions of the country. Asbestos contain fibrous materials which exist in different types like chrysotile (white Asbestos), Amosite (brown Asbestos), and crocidolite (blue asbestos) which exist in forms of roofs, pipes and tiles. Asbestos contain fragile materials which when broken down can cause dust which leads to accumulation of the fibril in the air hence enters into human lungs which leads to lung cancer. Therefore, we ensure safe handling practices with our professional team of workers. The Asbestos materials are collected and handled at different stages where it is packed, sealed, and labelled according to regulations and then transported using our covered and leak proof trucks authorized by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to transport hazardous waste. We then dispose the material to the safe authorized disposal site. We offer quality services to our clients and with the aim of minimizing occupational hazard on workers and the public

We ensure thorough cleaning, removal of sludge and contaminants with certified equipment and a well-trained technical staff qualified in Hazardous Material Handling (HAZMAT). In every step of our procedures we are complaint with applicable country and international regulations providing professional approach to HAZMAT while working with licensed third parties to ensure safety of our employees, environment and Public


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